Our Building System
Campion homes receive the drawing
Cad Engineers produce detailed drawing
Electrical boxes, conduits, telephone & data sockets placed in internal concrete wall panel, with an empty conduit connecting sockets for any future electrical alterations.
100mm of 50 Newton concrete is placed onto the casting beds, forming the inner leaf onto this the high density insulation panel is placed, with a further 50mm layer of concrete, which forms the outer leaf.
The casting bed is vibrated to produce the strongest, smoothest wall panel possible.
The outer leaf is scratch coated to receive the clients own preferred finish
When the panels have set, they are placed in an upright position ready for transportation
Panels when on site are lifted into position by crane
Campion Homes - Overview of our unique approach and building system ...
We understand that there is far more to building a home than just erecting walls and floors ... which is why we have also developed an innovative new method of foundation construction.
Campion Concrete Group recommend to clients that they use a concrete pile foundation system when constructing their home. This will ensure that your property is sitting on a tried & tested solid foundation. Our system works equally as well with concrete trench foundations.
To the piled foundations we add our floor beam and then our suspended concrete floor. We can then erect the insulated concrete wall panels to the ground floor ceiling height where we then place the suspended concrete flooring which forms the ground floor ceilings & bedroom floors.
More wall panels are then erected to take the house to the bedroom ceiling height where we again use our suspended concrete flooring which gives the added advantage of having a concrete floor in your attic space for ready made storage and for future easy conversion to a habitable space.
"All of this can be achieved in the space of 1 week ..."