The Insulation industry comments that " For insulation to work properly it must be fitted tight to the inner wall". The insulation in the Campion homes ICP system is fitted pressure tight to the inner leaf as it is sandwich between 2 layers of concrete between 2 layers of concrete.
This panel consists of 100mm reinforced inner structural leaf, either 90mm or 130mm high density polyisocyanurate insulation and a reinforced outer concrete. The leafs are tied together with Thermomass connectors which eliminates cold bridging.
  Just some of the benefits you will enjoy with our building system ...
  2 storey house ERECTED IN 2-3 DAYS
  Huge REDUCTION in heating bills
  Quality and Accuracy
  Speed of construction 10 TIMES FASTER than Timber Frame house
  External wall is scratch coated ready to receive clients preferred finish e.g dash brick stone etc
  Electrical sockets & conduits are pre-fitted in the panel thereby ELIMINATING CHASING THE WALL
  SMOOTH FINISH internally reducing costs for plastering
  Concrete has a greater FIRE RESISTANCE and is NON-COMBUSTIBLE and has a high THERMAL MASS
  Concrete has a greater WATER RESISTANCE and will not warp, rust or rot
  Massive improvement in SOUND INSULATION
  SEMI -DETACHED HOMES - Insulated party wall consisting of 100mm concrete, 90/130mm high density. Polyisocyanurate insulation and 100mm concrete. In other words you only heat your own home, not your neighbours!
  MASSIVE REDUCTION of cost of site labour
  CERTAINTY OF COST because all elements of prefabrication are calculated in advance to the work starting on site
  CERTAINTY OF PROGRAMME because the system is not weather dependent
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